Not a Fan…

Below is my Goodreads review for Kyle Idleman’s amazing book Not a Fan. I recommend it to anyone who is bored with safe Christianity and craves a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Not a Fan: Completely. Committed. FollowerNot a Fan: Completely. Committed. Follower by Kyle Idleman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not a fan of Jesus. This book is so powerful and so convicting, I felt uncomfortable reading it. But that is exactly the point. Christianity has become too comfortable and too safe. Christians view following Jesus as getting saved, attending church services, praying before meals and before bedtime, reading some devotionals, listening to Christian music. These things are great, but what truly defines being a follower of Jesus is sacrifice. Jesus demonstrated pure love by giving up his life and all he asks in return is that we give him our lives. This book will stir something. It might make you angry and you may not take anything it says seriously, but I urge you to take its message to heart. Jesus doesn’t want fans. He wants followers who will truly follow him. The best section of the book is the final one, “following jesus — wherever, whenever, whatever” but it will make you squirm.

Readers of this book also recommend Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream That is next on my list.

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