On Slackers and Sinners

I warned you, didn’t I? I said in the beginning that I had a bad habit of neglecting things that “seem” less important. I put “seem” in quotes because I don’t trust my own judgement when determining if something is not important.

Of course this blog is important. It has given me an opportunity to share my faith and experiences, as well as some influences along the way. I hope that I have not neglected any of my readers by not keeping up with it.

A lot changes when you make a sincere request from God. As I mentioned before, I have been working on asking God to open my eyes to issues I had been ignoring or avoiding, to take me out of my comfort zone and put me in situations where I become more aware of His will and how I can follow it.

Wow. At school, I am cosponsoring an organization known as Youth Commission International (YCI). It is a youth-led, school-based Christian club, much like FCA. When the group started a few weeks ago, there were seven steady members, each of them excited about the group and its potential. In last week’s meeting, we had fourteen students. And this growth was due to the seven early members telling their peers about the group. They are a shy group, quiet and reluctant to share, but they are hungry for fellowship and for the Word of God. During both Bible lessons, led by two of the group’s student leaders, the students were quiet and attentive. At first glance, they seem uninterested or even bored, but during yesterday’s meeting it was like I could see with different eyes. They aren’t bored or uninterested. They are hungry for direction. They are craving life lessons and direction from the right place, God’s Word. That amazes me.

As a teenager, I had no clue. Church was a vessel for meeting girls. Christian was a word I used to impress some of the adults in my life. My behavior at home and at school did not reflect how a Christian should behave. I smoked, cussed, griped at and about my parents, smarted off my teachers, and never once thought about my future or my spirit. I just wanted to have fun, be with my friends, and enjoy life as much as possible. If someone asked me to quote my favorite Bible verse, I might have even had enough gall to say, “Isn’t there one that says ‘Eat, drink, and be merry?’ I like that one.”

But I was a good person, right? My friends knew they could count on me for anything. Right? Well, there were those few times I said some pretty cruel things. And I did try to woo a girl that I knew my best friend had his eyes on for a while. And they never let me borrow stuff because I either lost, broke, or confiscated much of it. I was loud, boisterous, and pretentious. It amazes me now that anyone considered himself my “friend”.

Anyway, I’m rambling on. These kids inspire me, as I said, because they are not afraid or ashamed. Or if they are, they are using God’s strength to stand for Him anyway. And that is something to look forward to.

More later…


About Jason

I am a Jesus follower, husband and father, high school teacher, hiker, writer, lover of the outdoors, theater, music, books, and movies.
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