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I think I am officially obsessed with Goodwill and thrift stores. Over the past few months I have spent maybe $10 on sweaters, pants, and jackets. It is just so easy to get a deal in thrift stores. Plus, it … Continue reading

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Well, okay…

As the title suggests, I don’t have much to write about. But I once read something by Anne Lamott about some of the best writing happening when we force ourselves so to write anyway. So, here goes. I stepped on … Continue reading

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Writers are Narcissists

Digging out an old journal post. I don’t think I’ve blogged this yet. Vincent Chough, and online friend and author of Brave Fish, says that writers are narcissists. There is quite a bit of hilarious truth to that. We love … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

Since the school year is about to start up, I think it’s time to get this blog rolling again. If I could design a “Coming Soon” poster for my school year, it would probably be one of those epic ones … Continue reading

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