Well, okay…

As the title suggests, I don’t have much to write about. But I once read something by Anne Lamott about some of the best writing happening when we force ourselves so to write anyway. So, here goes.

I stepped on my Kindle. Accidentally, of course. I don’t know anyone who would intentionally step on their Kindle. It reminded me of the time I accidentally stepped on our fish. I was cleaning his bowl, had the lid off, bumped the counter he was on, and unfortunately he sloshed out, onto the floor, just as I was trying to get my footing from bumping into the counter. Squish… dead fish. Now how do you explain that one to your kids? You just tell the truth.

I wish the story of my broken Kindle was as interesting, but nope. I just left it on the floor and as I was walking through the house in the dark one night I heard it snap beneath my feet. When I picked it up, I could see the top half of Katniss’s face on the display advertising The Hunger Games movie. I knew it was irreparable. My first thought was that I would have to buy a new one. That would have to wait a few months. A few months? How am I going to survive a few months without being able to read books electronically?

Oh yeah, wait, they have those things made of paper that are bound together and have words in them. No buttons. No cracked screen. Maybe some water damage and an old musty smell that conjures images of antiques, tapestries, and rocking chairs. I guess I’ll give one of them a try.

Seriously, though, I’ve read some good stuff lately. I went to the library and picked up a copy of Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge. I like John as a writer, although in his most famous book Wild at Heart he pulls from secular sources more than biblical. This book is different. It is an in-depth look at the personality of Jesus. I’m impressed. There are some things he covers that are not new to me, but most of it is shocking. Have you ever really thought, and I mean REALLY thought about Jesus as a man? When you feel tired, lonely, depressed, sick, angry, tempted, sad, did it ever occur to you that Jesus felt all of those things? I mean, I knew he was a man, but it’s sometimes tough for me to imagine that the Almighty God became flesh and experienced all of the challenges of being a man that I face.

My wife and I finally became foster parents. We have welcomed a 5 month old baby girl and a 4 year little girl into our home. They are so precious. There is a lot of drama surrounding the birth parents that I can’t share, but as you would expect drugs are involved. Drugs and a lot of poor decisions. We don’t know how long they will be with us. It could be months, it could be years, it could be forever.

Well, I think this was pretty successful. I’ll try to make this a habit. Until later…

“And there’s no turning back now that you opened up to your mind.” — Shinedown, “Crying Out”


About Jason

I am a Jesus follower, husband and father, high school teacher, hiker, writer, lover of the outdoors, theater, music, books, and movies.
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2 Responses to Well, okay…

  1. LadyGrave says:

    I still haven’t gotten a kindle because I love those things made of bound-together paper so much! I think you’ve given me one more reason to hold off; I have enough things in my life I’m afraid of stepping on. That is so giving of you to be foster parents; I hope the adventure goes well.

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