Not much will inspire a writer to update his blog like a request from a published author to review a book.

Benjamin Carey, an author from New York, NY sent the request via Goodreads. It was riddled with compliments that really made my day. Us writers really know how to suck up. I’m kidding.

Ben’s request started with a reference to my favorite writer, Donald Miller: “Did you see Donald Miller has a new book called Storyline?”

Hmm… I did know that. Proceed.

“I was thinking about you yesterday when I saw it because you’re the one who recommended A Million Miles in a Thousand years to me. I loved that book.”

Yes! One of my favorites. Please continue.

After a polite greeting, Ben hit me with the real zinger: “You are very well read, and I need a good review from someone solid. Would you be so kind as to do a review of my book Barefoot in November…” Then, as a display of his contagious sense of humor, Ben said, “If it turns out that you read it and do not like it, you could just disregard my request :)”

I already love this guy. If his personality, friendliness, and “heart” are any indication of his writing style, I know I will love it. In fact, a while ago I entered a giveaway for the book on Goodreads and did not win. The challenge is for me to finish the book before Heart Month, February.

This is what writers do. We really are a community. Ben has encouraged me to continue to work on my book and promises to also give me a glowing review. It’s a good thing, because I will need someone solid who is very well read to review my book.

You can learn more about Ben and his book Barefoot in November at or follow Ben on Twitter @BenjaminJCarey


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I am a Jesus follower, husband and father, high school teacher, hiker, writer, lover of the outdoors, theater, music, books, and movies.
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