Brave Fish

I finally got around to it. One of my online friends, Vincent Chough, asked me to review his memoir Brave Fish LAST YEAR! Isn’t that pathetic? I told you I was a slacker.

So, at last, below is my Goodreads review of Brave Fish:

Brave Fish: Identity, Love, FaithBrave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith by Vincent H. Chough

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is always refreshing to read a memoir that is what a memoir should be: honest and transparent. Vincent Chough pulls no punches in revealing his character through some of his life’s challenges. It’s tough to like him sometimes as he admits to some poor choices. But what I love about Vincent is that he does not hide his mistakes or attempt to pain himself as something he isn’t. What is most admirable about the memoir is his confessional style of narrating that makes the reader realize that everyone screws up sometimes, nobody’s perfect.

Chough is also a pretty darn fantastic writer. And, best of all, he has a keen understanding that writing is therapy.

I recommend this book, especiially if you love memoirs or if you are a writer.

By the way, I’ve mentiioned Chough’s book before in a previous post.

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