Do You Trust Me?

I know I reblog a lot, but in the above post, Dusty Garison makes a very powerful point about trusting God using the story of Jesus’s resurrection of Lazarus. “Do you trust me?”

Sharing a Sip with Dusty Garison

All of us are faced every day with many questions.  “What should I wear?,” “Where do you want to eat?,” “When are we leaving?”  But there are questions, and then there are questions.  And in John 11, Jesus asks Martha a question that is definitely in that second category.

The chapter opens with Jesus learning that Lazarus, his friend, was sick – but mysteriously, Jesus does NOT immediately head for Bethany, the village where Lazarus lives.  Instead, Jesus delays for a couple of days before leaving.  The disciples are just as puzzled as we are by his behavior.

Jesus arrives to find Lazarus has been dead for four days.  Lazarus’ sister, Martha, goes out to meet Jesus on the road, and she immediately begins with the accusations.  “If only you had been here, my brother would not have died!”

We have to understand some of the cultural forces at work…

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2 Responses to Do You Trust Me?

  1. dustyg56 says:

    Hi Jason, Thanks for reblogging “Do You Trust Me?”. I’m glad you found it helpful. God bless.

    • Jason says:

      I did. Thank you. You should read my “Jesus Wept” posts. You may have to look through my archives since I wrote it a little over a year ago, but I talk a bit about Lazarus.

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