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Just As You Are

I warn you, I am one of those liberal, open-minded Christians who thinks church is just as much for the sinner as for the saint. Maybe more. I remember as a teenager, struggling with what I had been taught in … Continue reading

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I’m trying not to feel too bad. My manager at the movie theater is a really good guy. Good to work for, fun to be around, and full of uncanny patience and understanding. But I may have screwed up. I’m … Continue reading

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Blue Like Jazz: The Movie

This has been a long time coming. Talk about a film that has faced every challenge imaginable. It’s almost as if trial by fire has truly revealed the charater and patience of the entire crew for this movie. If you … Continue reading

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On Books and Movies

There is a certain way I judge a great movie. I stay through the credits, as if trying to soak up as much of the film as possible before it is gone. Both the first and second Spider Man films … Continue reading

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